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Speciesism Rant

Sociology, Women’s Studies, Race Studies, Anthropology, Human Psychology, Literature, and Behavioral Science and more are all academic disciplines.

Someone PLEASE tell my why Animal Psychology STILL is not an academic discipline???

Animal Psychology doesn’t exist in US universities. I don’t know if it is a study in other countries, but I’m continuously amazed by the attitude academics have towards Animal Psychology.
According to my adviser, a wildlife biologist, “The only way you’ll work with animals professionally is by getting your degree in biology, because we can only know why an animal is acting a certain way is by knowing what’s going on inside their bodies.”


I hate pulling the victim card (accusing something of being racist, sexist, ageist, etc.) but there is a serious amount of speciesism in the academic world. Essentially, the absence of Animal Psychology is a continuous belief that animals are machines, without feeling or independent thoughts. I want to study Animal Psychology, and I don’t care what anyone in a university says a Veterinarian is NOT an animal behaviorist and they are versed in the SCIENCE of animals, not the MIND of animals.

To quote Thor, “I thought humans were more evolved than this.”

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